Firmware 2.16 is posted for all current touch screen model HAPPY machines, including single-head models HCD2-1501, HCS2-1201 Voyager and HCH-701 Journey, and all current touchscreen multi-head models.

New Features in 2.16 from 2.14:

Firmware 2.16 adds the following functions which can optionally be added to the shortcut buttons along the right edge of the drive screen:

  • Job Interrupt function that saves sewing position, hoop, and stitch number, allowing the operator to pause a job, load a different job with different hoop and position, run it, then return to the previous sewing job with 1 button.
  • Buttons that can advance the sewing position by +1o or -10 stitches.

General Instructions for Updating:

  1. Click the appropriate link for your machine at the bottom of this post to download the correct ZIP file for your machine’s firmware.  For 1-head models, this should be called “”.  For multi-head models, it should be called “”
  2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file to a USB thumb drive.  You’ll be prompted for a password.  Enter “happy2251”.   The result should be a folder single folder called “UpdateFile” on your thumb drive.
  3. Insert the thumb drive into your machine.
  4. From the machine’s sewing (drive) screen, navigate to the main menu, press OTHER then VERSION.
  5. On the resulting screen, press UPDATE, which should then show the new version detected, then OK to continue the update process.  The update will take place automatically and may take several minutes.  The update is complete when the machine has automatically restarted successfully.Disclaimer: improper firmware update may disable your machine. Read instructions carefully before proceeding, and contact support. Additional note: If your machine does not display an “UPDATE” button on its “VERSION” screen, contact support for an alternate procedure.

Links for Version 2.16 firmware update:

  • Firmware update for HAPPY 1-head touch screen models only (HCD2, HCS2, HCH): CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  • Firmware update for HAPPY multi-head touch screen models only (2, 4, 6, 8, and 12 head models): CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD