HAPPYJapan’s unending efforts to improve their product is one of the brand’s greatest strengths: Long after the machines are released for sale, the company continues innovate and test, as well as take suggestions from the field, and respond with updates that are immediately made available for existing owners.  While this is a natural process for any product cycle that can be used to correct bugs or weaknesses (which the company does on the rare occasions that it occurs), HAPPY more often comes out with updates that weren’t spurred by deficiencies at all, but by a sincere drive to improve the product.  Have a look at the mid-life updates that have been released from time to time for existing and new machines below, all available for free to HAPPY machine owners:

IMPROVEMENTS TO Current-Generation HAPPY Embroidery Machines (with touch screen interface)
(note: these updates are not in order of when they were released)
1. Dramatically simpler, easier control panel design: far fewer button presses to accomplish the same task vs. previous-generation machines
2. Ability to set max speeds for individual needle positions – helpful when running different types of thread at the same time
3. Expanded custom hoop map library – allows owners to add hoops to the machine hoop library that didn’t exist when the machine was built.
4. Ongoing Windows compability updates (Windows 8, 10 and beyond)
5. Expanded memory capacity (from 250 designs to 999 designs/40 million stitches)
6. Customizable icons (like a smart phone or tablet)
7. Auto frame-out function for applique: makes applique easier and more automatic
8. In-machine personalization with layout mode: combine text and designs for on-the-spot personalized designs
9. Improved onboard lettering: 12 fonts, arced / straight / angled text
10. Built-in designs
11. Edit/Add/Remove custom lock stitches
12. Increased maximum sewing speeds on ballcaps
13. Expandable cap sewing field – allows closer sewing to the brim
14. Bobbin counter / auto bobbin stop

IMPROVEMENTS TO Previous-Generation HAPPY Embroidery Machines (with color LCD screen)

1. Ability to add custom hoop maps: operator can add additional hoops to the machine hoop library
2. Live view of hoop / design position: keeps the operator aware of design position and fit in the hoop
3. Adjust cut length by individual colors: Allows for performance differences between different types of thread
4. Windows compatibility upgrades: Updates are released to keep the machines compatible with new versions of Windows for the optional (but not necessary) live PC connection
5. Improvements to onboard lettering – First introduced in this control panel generation, additional features such as different sizes and layout (spacing) options are made available
6. Onboard help added – instructions for basic operations on the machine
7. Ability to browse networked PC: when connected to a PC by network cable, you can search the connected PC for designs, directly in the machine

These improvements are added to new machines coming off the factory floor, but are also made available as updates that customers can install on their own machines free of charge.