HAPPY’s Tireless Quest for Perfection: Ongoing Updates

HAPPYJapan's unending efforts to improve their product is one of the brand's greatest strengths: Long after the machines are released for sale, the company continues innovate and test, as well as take suggestions from the field, and respond with updates that are immediately made available for existing owners.  While this is a natural process for [...]

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Sept. 2016 Digitizing How-To: Adding borders to lettering in Stitch & Sew2


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HAPPY Advantage: Japanese Manufacturing and Design Philosophy

HAPPY Machines' Origin of Manufacture HAPPY Embroidery machines are manufactured and assembled at HAPPY Japan's own factory in Yamagata, Japan, before being shipped to the United States.  An important assurance of this can be found on the machine nameplate on every HAPPY embroidery machine sold in our country: U.S. Customs and Border Protection requires that product labeling [...]

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Needle Diagram

Needle Diagram - closeup anatomy of a needle and its proper orientation when installed in the embroidery machine.

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Tension Tests

  Test Designs for HAPPY Embroidery Machines  in DST format Tension test - 7 color (for HAPPY Journey) Tension test - 10 color Tension test - 12 color Tension test - 15 color

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