Basic Hooping Tips

If you ever see the outlines of your designs "run away", design parts not lining up, stitches missing, fabric puckering or thread looping - these simple tips may help.Basic Tips for Great StitchoutsHooping has enormous effect on embroideries quality. Because of improper hooping, it often looks like the design we're embroidering is inferior. Fortunately, 95 [...]

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7 Rules For Stabilizing

We constantly receive questions about embroidery stabilizers, and see many photos of projects that have been ruined just because of wrong stabilizing. So we've decided to make a special page about stabilizing.The rules of stabilizing are simple and logical. Once you understand what every type of stabilizer is supposed to do, see its strong sides [...]

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USB to PC Connection (Windows 7)

View PDF Guide   If Your New PC Won't talk to your Happy MachineThis is a common request: If you changed your PC to Windows 7 and you don't have a newer model Voyager and can't figure out why you can't set up the USB connection, read this PDF file to help understand the steps [...]

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Legacy Presser Foot System

Diagram of Voyager's presser foot guide system If the presser foot seems to be unusually loose (a lot of sideways movement and swiveling), even if the presser foot is tightly secured onto the shaft, the small c-shaped guide may be bent or broken. Newer model Voyagers have heavier duty, silver-colored guide that helps prevent this. [...]

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Switch system for cap sewing mode

Putting HCS Voyager in/out of cap sewing mode: When the cap driver is installed, it presses in the large black switch shown above, which in turn presses the thin, copper colored strip of metal above it, which in turn presses in the small white tab that can be seen just below the red arrow.  When this [...]

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Manually Extending and retracting the Catcher

Voyager: Manually Extending and retracting the Catcher (for testing purposes) 1.  Power the machine on. 2.  Lower the presser foot using the P.FOOT button. 3.  Find the gap, shown below, under the fixed head, and with a screwdriver, extend the catcher as shown in the animation to check that it extends cleanly between the thread [...]

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Performing A Cut Test

Thread Cut Test To find out if the moving and fixed knife are able to cut thread, you can perform the test shown in the animation on the right.  Remove the needle plate, hold the moving knife open as shown, and loop 2 strands of thread over the inside crook of the knife.  Allow the [...]

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