Project: These Boots were made for Walking With HAPPY's Long-style 1-point frame, you can take advantage of the deep cap sewing field of HAPPY's large HCD 15-needle embroidery machines to sew on long, tubular shaped items such as stockings, boots, pant legs. The frame helps with items that are [dropcap boxed="accent"]1.[/dropcap] Pictured here is the complete long-style [...]

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Project: Summer Fun Sunhat This project is a good illustration of how you can use the Hooptech clamping system with your HAPPY embroidery machine to embroider on normally difficult items.  The ease of sewing on this is further highlighted by the selection of the 7-needle Journey machine, the "entry level" machine in HAPPY's product line, which [...]

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Basic Hooping Tips

If you ever see the outlines of your designs "run away", design parts not lining up, stitches missing, fabric puckering or thread looping - these simple tips may help.Basic Tips for Great StitchoutsHooping has enormous effect on embroideries quality. Because of improper hooping, it often looks like the design we're embroidering is inferior. Fortunately, 95 [...]

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7 Rules For Stabilizing

We constantly receive questions about embroidery stabilizers, and see many photos of projects that have been ruined just because of wrong stabilizing. So we've decided to make a special page about stabilizing.The rules of stabilizing are simple and logical. Once you understand what every type of stabilizer is supposed to do, see its strong sides [...]

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