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Stitch & Sew2 Update to
Nov 30, 2016: Note: resolves Win10 issues with fabric recipes not displaying properly.  A cumulative update, it also encompasses updates and  Compatible with all 3 levels of Stitch & Sew 2 – Editor Plus, Studio, and Studio Plus. NOT compatible with Stitch & Sew 1.5.  Instructions: Download the ZIP file linked above, extract it and run it.  On re-starting Stitch & Sew, the program will be updated.

SNS2 Update to


SNS2 Training PDF

  • General Note: Many commonly reported issues regarding program operation (including a lot of the issues listed here) are resolved by updating to version if you are running an older version.
  • Check the version currently installed. Start the program, click HELP, and choose “About Stitch & Sew” to see the installed version number.  As of this writing, the current version is
  • Updating your program: If you have Stitch & Sew 2.0 (for example, version or, etc) download the executable file linked here, make sure Stitch & Sew is closed, and run the executable program.  This will automatically update your program.  (Note: This update is not compatible with Stitch & Sew 1.5).
  • Stitch & Sew loads too slowly.
    • This is part of normal operation, especially when first installed. Upon fully loading, the program should work normally.  If you feel that loading still takes too long, You can try deleting the contents inside this folder c:\compucon\stitchsew2\embroidery profile.  (Be sure to update your program to the free update to
  • Sometimes the program will load but not appear.
    • Check the task manager – sometimes the program is there.
  • Stitch & Sew does not appear to start when I click the icon.
    • See above.               
  • I plug in the key but it doesn’t light.
    • Try carefully removing the key, and re-inserting. If not working, try a different USB port, or if connected to a hub, try connecting directly to a port on your PC instead.
    • Check the Windows Device Manager. Stitch & Sew should appear in the device manger under a category called “Jungo”.  If the device is not in the list, try re-installing your program.  If the item is in the list but showing an error (i.e. exclamation mark next to it), try reloading the driver by inserting the installation CD, double-clicking the “Jungo” or “Compucon Dongle” item in the device manager and browsing to the CD, then the folder “Main Setup” then “Redist”, choose “64bi” or “x86” and pressing OK.  If the message “best driver already is loaded” appears, contact Support.
  • “Security Key not found” or similar message on launching the program
    • Try the above solutions for “key not lighting”
    • Try the troubleshooter:
      • Go to Compucon -> StitchSew2 -> Troubleshooter.exe -> Check Dongle -> if it correctly reads the serial number incorrectly, the dongle is bad. Contact support.


  • I’m running Stitch & Sew on a MacIntosh using(Parallels / Bootcamp, etc) and the program isn’t running.
    • Stitch & Sew 2 is not officially supported on Mac OS –based systems. You can, however, troubleshoot using the solutions shown on this page.
  • I just changed to Windows 8 but when I install the program, it does not load. Is there anything I can do?
    • Download the latest CD with the newest drivers for Windows 8. Link found here.
    • Purchase CD for $25.00 (including shipping and handling). Since this is a large download, you can alternately purchase a Windows 7/8 compatible CD from TEXMAC.  (Note: This install CD only works for versions of Stitch & Sew2.  If you have Stitch & Sew 1.5, contact support.)
  • I have Stitch & Sew 1.5 and I just bought a new PC. I cannot get it to load. 
    • Stitch & Sew 1.5 is not fully compatible with most 64-bit operating systems. Contact Support for alternate solutions.
  • Make sure backup save is checked.
    • General note: This option is enabled by default. Click Tools… System Parameters and make sure “Backup Save” is checked.  If done, the program will re-display any work that was in progress after successfully re-launching.
  • Key disconnected
    • Check the key to make sure it has not been inadvertently disconnected or removed during program operation. If the key is connected, try the troubleshooting steps for program failing to start/load or key/dongle not lighting up or being recognized.
  • Stitch & Sew is slow to operate.
    • General statement: Stitch & Sew works better on PC’s with stronger graphics hardware including higher-end video card/chip options and higher onboard video RAM.  Stitch & Sew operation may or may not be compromised on less-capably configured PC’s.  (if any doubts, contact Support to check for any known hardware conflicts)
    • Change performance options: Launch the Windows Control Panel and look for a setting named (or similarly named) Performance Information and Tools. Click Adjust Visual Effects, and select the option “Adjust for Best Performance”.  This may remove some of the special visual effects built into the Windows operating system, but will free up additional graphics resources.
    • Run MSConfig to disable unnecessary background programs. Click START then RUN and type “MSCONFIG”.  From the tabbed dialog box that appears, you can control the applications and programs that start and run in the background, which can optimize PC performance.  If you are unfamiliar with this interface, contact Support or other qualified personnel who can help with general PC support.
    • Close the Object List when not using it. The frame-by-frame object list that normally nests at the bottom of the program consumes a lot of graphics resources.  If running on a less-than-optimal PC or working with very complex designs, you can close the Object list when not needed and re-open it when needed from Tools… Show/Hide Object List
    • For further questions about Stitch & Sew and slow operation, contact Support.
  • Strange behavior in Object list: If while operating the program, you discover unusual behavior in the Object List (e. inappropriate color changes, lower resolution thumbnail views, etc.):
    • Close the Object List and open it again
    • Save your work, close the program and re-open your work again
  • I lost icons / missing icons / tools:
    • Click Window, then Reset Interface to restore the program to its default appearance.
  • I cannot edit the embroidery settings on my text (or shape)
    • Make sure you are editing the .CHE version of your design and not a .dst version of the design
    • Make sure you’ve selected a letter or shape that you’ve created – on selecting it and clicking Editing mode, the settings should appear in the Embroidery Settings Dialog Box
  • I cannot see the background graphic I was working with when digitizing.
    • Stitch & Sew does not save the background graphic when saving the .che file. To re-load it, click Design, then Import Image and browse to the location of the graphic.  Be sure to enter the same size change (if you did this) before clicking OK – doing so will cause the graphic to align perfectly under any stitches you have already created.
  • Lettering
    • I enter multiple lines of text but cannot see the 2nd line of text.
      • Click the Frames button across the top and choose one of the frames that will display multiple lines of text.
    • Can I edit more than 1 letter at a time?
      • Click on Editing mode, select a letter. Then find “Character Edit” in the toolbar across the top.  This will transform the text back to outline mode, where you can make bulk changes in the Embroidery Settings dialog box, change fonts, letter height and other settings.
    • I’m having trouble re-sequencing letters, like when I need to for sewing on ballcaps.
      • Click on Editing mode, select a letter. Then, right-click anywhere in the program window and choose “Split Text to Characters” in the menu that appears.  Then press ESC to exit editing mode, and you’ll be able to re-sequence letters within a group using the Object List.
    • My letters disappeared when I went to go do something else.
      • Make sure to generate stitches on the lettering outlines by right-clicking in the main design window and clicking “STITCH IT!”. The lettering is not confirmed and set until this is done.

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