HCR3-1512 12-Head Embroidery Machine

HCR3-1512 12-Head Embroidery Machine Details

The flagship of HAPPY’s line of multi-head embroidery machines, HAPPY’s 12-head model HCR3-1512 boasts the company’s latest technology in multi-head machines, which translates to some impressive stats: despite being the company’s largest multi-head, it is also the fastest.  Improvements to the sewing head over the HCR2-series machines also expand the machine’s capability in more challenging sewing situations.  Additionally, engineers have brought numerous durability improvements to the frame and drive system that will help further HAPPY’s tradition of durability and quality construction.


  • Servo-driven main motor for quieter, higher speed operation
  • New carriage base design for smoother, steadier operation at all sewing speeds
  • Improved sewing head powers through tougher sewing jobs
  • Large, user-friendly touch screen control with on-board help, auto-error correction
  • USB flash drive ports, LAN and USB direct PC connection ports, connection software included
  • 40 million stitch/999-design memory; organize designs in folders, pull designs from remote PC
  • Automatic Color Change / 99 changes allowed per design
  • Make Design Adjustments On-The-Spot: flip/rotate, auto-repeat, fine-scaling, offset from center, and more
  • Improve sewing quality of existing designs with design cleanup/compensation tools
  • Automatic production and error reporting
  • Detachable support table (shown installed in photo)
  • The 10″ touch screen has a vivid LCD interface
  • Easy Design Placement- Shows hoop as related to the design
  • Displays your key sewing information at a Glance
  • Customize your screen the way you want
  • Easily place the Applications that you use most on the main screen
  • One touch frame out for easy Applique
  • Easy Design trace
  • Built-in Networking and USB connection ports
  • Auto Error correction for the most common issues
  • One touch Firmware updates
  • Advanced Control over every aspect of your sewing experience-
  • Speed adjustment before and during sewout
  • Jump to any sewing position in the design
  • Combine designs and text onscreen
    And Much More!

(as purchased new from TEXMAC)

  • Full set of tubular hoops, 2 of each size per sewing head:
    • 24ea. 12cm round hoops
    • 24ea. 15cm round hoops
    • 24ea. 18cm round hoops
    • 24ea. 32cm square hoops
  • Full cap sewing equipment: quick-change sash set and drivers, 24 cap hoops (2 per head).  Auto-design rotation on entering cap mode
  • Operator’s toolkit and manuals
  • Heavy-duty casters and height-adjustable feet
  • Installation, setup, telephone and internet support from TEXMAC
  • 5-year limited warranty on all HAPPY HCR multi-head embroidery machines

Machine Performance Specs

  • Configuration: 12 heads, 15 needles per head
  • Max speed (normal) 1,000spm; cap sewing: 750spm.
  • Max needle distance: 360mm
  • Memory capacity: 999 designs or up to 40 million stitches, 99 color changes per design

Embroidery Sewing Field Per Head

  • Max needle distance: 450mm x 360mm (17.5″ x 14.2″)
  • Tubular frame field: 320mm x 320mm (12.5″ x 12.5″)
  • Ballcaps: 80mm x 360mm (3″ x 14″)

Key Outer Dimensions (see illustration above)

  • L (Length): 17.72 feet
  • D1 (depth w/o table): 32.6 in
  • D2 (depth w/ table): 52.0 in
  • H1 (height w/o thread tree): 59.2 in
  • H2 (height w/ thread tree): 68.1 in

Power Requirements

  • Power type: 22ov single-phase AC, freq. 50/60hz