May 15, 2018: New firmware v. 2.16 posted for all Touchscreen HAPPY machine models

Firmware 2.16 is posted for all current touch screen model HAPPY machines, including single-head models HCD2-1501, HCS2-1201 Voyager and HCH-701 Journey, and all current touchscreen multi-head models. New Features in 2.16 from 2.14: Firmware 2.16 adds the following functions which can optionally be added to the shortcut buttons along the right edge of the drive screen: Job Interrupt [...]

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Why HAPPY: A winning design philosophy for the Embroiderer

In building embroidery machines, relentless pursuit of quality and craftsmanship is present in both the design studio and on the factory floor at its facilities in northern Japan.  As a result, HAPPY machines have earned a solid reputation among owners for their extreme durability and reliability.  For owners, this translates to a longer useful life, [...]

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Switch system for cap sewing mode

Putting HCS Voyager in/out of cap sewing mode: When the cap driver is installed, it presses in the large black switch shown above, which in turn presses the thin, copper colored strip of metal above it, which in turn presses in the small white tab that can be seen just below the red arrow.  When this [...]

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Threading and Tensioning

Your HCS Journey machine was carefully packed at the factory using quality packing materials and procedures to assure that your machine is ready, right out of the box to sew.  Be sure to take the same care when un-boxing Journey and assembling it to run! Upper Threading  Threading the upper (Colored) Thread   Threading your Journey [...]

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August 12, 2014: New Firmware Posted, Main Program 1.36-1

General instructions: (1) Download the ZIP file and extract all contents.  The result should be a folder of the same name ("firmware_update_1.36...").   (2)  Go into this folder, and there should be another, single folder called "UpdateFile".  (3) Copy this last folder and its entire contents to the root directory of a compatible USB thumb drive. [...]

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