Frog Tote

Project: Fun Frog Applique on a Tote Using this simple applique shape, we created a fun, easy project you can try yourself.  Pictured on the right, we pick a challenging material - a patterned canvas tote - and sew this fun applique, which is easy to customize by adding text, a name or monogram to [...]

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Layered Applique

Project: 2-Stage Applique done with HAPPY Embroidery Machines In this project, we've sewn the 2-layer applique project pictured on the right. While not set up as a do-it-yourself project, this gives readers the idea that multi-layered appliques are just as easy as 1-layer appliques - the key difference being the need to pause the machine [...]

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Applique Project

  An Applique Project for your HAPPY Embroidery Machine By definition, "applique" is the attachment of a piece of material to a garment or other sewable item for decoration or embellishment. In practice, applique is a useful embroidery technique for several reasons: it adds appeal (and value) with the additional media/texture/color to the project, especially [...]

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