Rotary Hook Timing For HCD2

Note: This video is for the previous-generation HCD-1501. However, the principles of loosening the hook, re-timing and setting the gap are the same. Be sure on re-tightening the 3 screws on the neck of the rotary hook that the hook does not shift position. Hint: when re-tightening the sets screws, tighten gently at first, re-check [...]

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Basic thread Break Fix

Basic thread Break Fix  Follow this short procedure to clear a thread break.  (Note: this procedure does not address troubleshooting the cause of the break, only to teach how to re-thread and continue sewing.  Problem may re-occur without proper troubleshooting. 1. Press T.CUT to cut thread still attached to garment2.  Repair thread break by re-threading upper thread [...]

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Support Page for HAPPYLINK and HAPPYLAN  programs   Setting up a USB Connection between a 64-bit Windows PC (7, 8, or Vista) and a HAPPY HCS Voyager Embroidery Machine PDF GUIDE Setup for Happy HCS-1201 Voyager 12-needle Embroidery Machine (non touch screen) PDF Instructions for setting up a USB connection between a current HAPPY HCS [...]

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