April 23, 2019: v. 2.17 posted for all Touchscreen HAPPY machine models

Firmware 2.17 is posted for all current touch screen model HAPPY machines, including single-head models HCD2-1501, HCS2-1201 Voyager and HCH-701 Journey, and all current touchscreen multi-head models. New Features in 2.17 from 2.16: Firmware 2.17 adds the following functions: Additional column for custom shortcuts: This option doubles the space that the operator has to put favorite shortcuts on [...]

HAPPY’s Tireless Quest for Perfection: Ongoing Updates

HAPPYJapan's unending efforts to improve their product is one of the brand's greatest strengths: Long after the machines are released for sale, the company continues innovate and test, as well as take suggestions from the field, and respond with updates that are immediately made available for existing owners.  While this is a natural process for [...]

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