Firmware 2.17 is posted for all current touch screen model HAPPY machines, including single-head models HCD2-1501, HCS2-1201 Voyager and HCH-701 Journey, and all current touchscreen multi-head models.

New Features in 2.17 from 2.16:

Firmware 2.17 adds the following functions:

  • Additional column for custom shortcuts: This option doubles the space that the operator has to put favorite shortcuts on the front screen from the iCustom menu. By switching between “6” and “13” in the iCustom screen, operators can choose between the 2 front screen layouts shown below:
  • Better protection against designs that are too large/positioned outside the sew-able area: The machine will now prevent the operator from sewing the design if the design is even slightly outside of the hoop area or too large for the selected hoop, with messaging similar to this:
  • Absolute value (mm) pull compensation adjustment: The existing ability to program different levels of satin pull compensation based on the width of the satin stitch gets an option to do so in mm as well as percentage. This setting can be found on the right side in the Option screen with this icon:

Directions for downloading and Installing:

  1. Click on the link below to download the update to your PC.
    This may take a couple of minutes.
  2. When the download is finished, go to your Downloads folder (or wherever the file was downloaded to), and find the file, which should be called “firmware217”, a ZIP file.
  3. Select that zip file, right-click on it and Extract the contents of the ZIP file. When finishedy, you’ll see a new folder of the same name, “firmware217”. Double-click on that folder to view its contents, which should once again be a single folder, “Program2.17”.
  4. Inside the Program 2.17 folder, you’ll see 2 folders, “UpdateFile”, and “UpdateFile_SVGA”.
  5. Insert a USB thumb drive into your PC. If you are updating a HAPPY 1-head machine, either Happy HCH-701 Journey, HCS2-1201 Voyager or HCD2-1501, copy the folder “UpdateFile” onto your USB thumb drive. If you are updating a Happy HCR2 or HCR3 multi-head machine, copy the folder “UpdateFile_SVGA” to the thumb drive.
  6. The copy process may take a while, maybe 20 minutes or more depending on your hardware setup. Once finished copying, view he contents of your thumb drive and make sure there is a yellow folder in the thumb drive named either “UpdateFile” for Happy 1-head machines or “UpdateFile_SVGA” for Happy HCR2/HCR3 multiheads in the contents of the thumb drive.
  7. Insert the thumb drive into your machine.
  8. From the machine’s sewing (drive) screen, navigate to the main menu, press OTHER then VERSION.
  9. On the resulting screen, press UPDATE, which should then show the new version detected, then OK to continue the update process.  The update will take place automatically and may take several minutes.  The update is complete when the machine has automatically restarted successfully.Disclaimer: improper firmware update may disable your machine. Read instructions carefully before proceeding, and contact support. Additional note: If your machine does not display an “UPDATE” button on its “VERSION” screen, contact support for an alternate procedure.
  10. Link for Version 2.17 firmware update:

    Firmware update for HAPPY 1-head touch screen models only: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD