Operating embroidery as a business has a timeless appeal; it can be relatively inexpensive to set up, it can be operated at small and large scales in either a shop or a home, and can be operated successfully (with training) even without a previous background or related experience, and it’s not hard to find demand for custom embroidered goods. HAPPY embroidery machines, with their durability, high-quality output and ease of use offer strong advantages to owners. Interested in learning more? Check out our series of seminars we’re holding over a 3-day period in Orlando, Florida, September 6-8! Our experienced experts will provide practical discussion, advice, and live hands-on demonstrations of the ins and outs of operating embroidery equipment. Each day will offer seminars on the following topics:

TOPICS SEPTEMBER 6 and 7, 2017

Making a Strong Business Case for Acquiring Embroidery Equipment
Learn about the advantages of operating embroidery as a business! Low footprint, relatively low investment and low logistical footprint are just the starters! Learn from actual experienced embroiderers and our experts about how it comes together! Watch participate as we walk through the process from logo creation and setup to producing a finished product on the machine! Lots of time provided for Q&A about putting together an operation.

With HAPPY Embroidery Machines
Custom embroidered ballcaps can be a fast, easy seller with great margins for the embroiderer! Learn how HAPPY embroidery machines make it easy, coupled with tips from our industry expert on getting it done! Learn about popular techniques like sewing on visors, 3d-“Puff” foam effects, and more.

See how Easy it is to keep your HAPPY Running Like a Top!
For HAPPY machine owners as well as prospective owners – learn the ins & outs of embroidery machine maintenance ad upkeep. Discover how TEXMAC’s practice of teaching owners to perform their own maintenance and repairs has paid off big for owners, and how you can do it yourself.

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TOPICS SEPTEMBER 8, 2017: Embroidery Machine Class for Owners/Operators
On Friday, September 8, we’ll conduct a full class on setup, operations and maintenance of HAPPY embroidery machines, geared towards HAPPY machine owners and operators. If interested in this class, please fill out the registration LINK HERE. For questions about the class contact the instructor Rene Rosales at 704-393-6558 or e-mail him at rrosales@texmacusa.com.