Your HCS Journey machine was carefully packed at the factory using quality packing materials and procedures to assure that your machine is ready, right out of the box to sew.  Be sure to take the same care when un-boxing Journey and assembling it to run!

Upper Threading 

Threading the upper (Colored) Thread  

Threading your Journey machine PROPERLY is VERY important to prevent thread breaks and to ensure efficient operation!   Also – don’t forget that needles need to be inserted and oriented correctly!  Below, we’ve provided an illustrated diagram for threading your Journey machine, which is also provided in the manual that comes with Journey. 
   PDF file:  properly threading the Journey embroidery machine.

Threading the Bobbin Thread  

Threading the bobbin (lower) thread

Below, we’ve provided a diagram and directions for properly loading the bobbin thread as well as a quick tension check before tensioning
   PDF file:  properly threading the bobbin and adjusting tension on the Journey embroidery machine. (note: this diagram also applies to other current HAPPY machine models.)

Upper Tension Test  

Tension Test for Journey 

Provided below is a .dst file that you can download and use to test-sew the tensions on your Journey machine. 
   Download the tension test in .dst format.

Problem with lower “thread holding spring”

What to do if this spring is pulled out of place:
Sometimes one or more the thread-holding springs are dislodged from their mounting points.  You’ll often find them caught in the “up” position.  Watch this short movie to see how to remove the lower faceplate and mount back in place.
 Flash movie: Fixing lower thread holding spring on the Journey embroidery machine.