General instructions: (1) Download the ZIP file and extract all contents.  The result should be a folder of the same name (“firmware_update_1.36…”).   (2)  Go into this folder, and there should be another, single folder called “UpdateFile”.  (3) Copy this last folder and its entire contents to the root directory of a compatible USB thumb drive.   (3) Insert the thumb drive into your machine. (4) From the machine’s sewing (drive) screen, navigate to the main menu, press OTHER then VERSION. (5) Press UPDATE and allow the update to complete. (this may take several minutes.) Update is complete when the machine has automatically restarted successfully. Disclaimer: improper firmware update may disable your machine. Read instructions carefully before proceeding, and contact support.


Firmware update for Happy embroidery machinesFirmware Update 1.36-1 for HCH, HCS2 and HCD2
Released August 12, 2014. See instructions below.WARNING: Improper update procedure can temporarily disable your machine.  Contact support for any questions.