HAPPY Machines’ Origin of Manufacture

HAPPY Embroidery machines are manufactured and assembled at HAPPY Japan’s own factory in Yamagata, Japan, before being shipped to the United States.  An important assurance of this can be found on the machine nameplate on every HAPPY embroidery machine sold in our country: U.S. Customs and Border Protection requires that product labeling for goods imported into the U.S. “is used to clearly indicate to the ultimate purchaser of a product where it is made.” (from their website www.cbp.gov).

Happy embroidery machine nameplate location

On all HAPPY embroidery machines, this can usually be found somewhere near the (operator’s) right side of the machine along the lower body or frame.  In the HCD2 machine pictured here, the location is shown near the main power switch on the lower right side.

HappyJapan Corporate Design Philosophy

Directly from the manufacturer’s website:

“HAPPY” follows the founding spirit of making people happy; “Japan” signifies our spirit to create reasonably priced products of high quality through Japan’s meticulous monozukuri. (a word best-associated in our language with the term “craftsmanship.”)
In the 20+ continuous years that TEXMAC has distributed HAPPY embroidery machines throughout the US, owners have experienced HAPPY’s philosophy in the realized qualities of their embroidery machines, which have proven exceptionally durable and able to consistently deliver high-quality embroidery.  Today, HAPPY takes that step even further by making them exceptionally user-friendly.  This is done in no small part through close partnerships with its top world distributors, such as TEXMAC Inc. in the US, to continue the never-ending race to deliver on quality and customer experience.  Each HAPPY embroidery machine brought into the US  has designed and assembled in at the HAPPY factory in Japan with this philosophy and goalset in mind.

The result is a large and ever-growing base of HAPPY embroidery machine owners who have experienced this “HAPPY”-ness that the company sought to bring through its products.  We hope that all those interested have the opportunity to join our fast-growing group of HAPPY machine owners and operators.