Support for Non-Touchscreen Models of HAPPY HCS-1201 12-Needle Voyager

On this page, you’ll find learning and support resources for previous, non-touchscreen versions of Happy HCS-1201 Voyager.

  HCS Voyager User's Manual   User’s Manual, standard control panel

Voyager LCD Monitor User Manual   User’s Manual, color LCD monitor

Voyager Maintenance Manual   Maintenance Manual, color LCD addendum

Voyager Parts Manual   Parts Manual, color LCD addendum

Voyager Parts Manual   Parts Manual, Standard Panel

Voyager LCD Monitor User Manual   Dec. 10, 2008:  User’s Manual, color LCD monitor, jump drive, collars

Voyager Parts Manual   April 2010:  User’s Manual, color LCD monitor, includes instructions for custom hoo

Learning Workbooks for HCS Voyager (for firmware 1.16)

Click on the links below to view/print the 5 chapters on learning your HCS-1201 Voyager single-head machine.  You can also try the animated, guided tour through your machine as well.  Includes update for USB jump drive versiion of Voyager
Voyager chapter 1
Introduction to the machine, embroidery basics
Voyager Chapter 2 
Learning the most important tasks, transferring designs
Voyager Chapter 3
Sewing Checklist, adjusting upper tension

Voyager Chapter 4
Maintenance,, troubleshooting, key adjustments

Voyager Chapter 5 
Learning how to sew on finished ballcaps with Voyager

 Voyager animated learning guide
Transferring Designs Using a Flash card
Using Flash-type memory cards (the same kind found in many digital cameras) is a fast, convenient way to transfer designs into the Voyager machine. 


Question and Answer

Illustrated Guide

Everything you need to know about CompactFlash cards and Voyager 

Provided below is a PDF document illustrating the most popular FLASH cards used with Voyager
  View/print information about CompactFlash
cards for use with HAPPY Voyager.
What types of cards work? The newest versions of Voyager (Generation 3 and color LCD) can employ 3 types of Flash memory:  CompactFlash,Memory Stick, and SmartMedia.  There are no known issues with any particular brands.
Are there any card memory size limitations? While we have seen cards up to 1Gb (1024Mb) work well, the official recommendation is 256Mb max, which is still large enough to hold thousands of average and large sized designs.
What types of cards work on older Voyager machines?
All versions of HAPPY’s Voyager can read Sandisk(TM) brand CompactFlash cards.

What else do I need besides a  FLASH card?

You’ll need a PCMCIA adapter “sleeve” that the card fits into.  This adapter “sleeve” allows the card to be inserted into the type of removable card slot found in laptops, which is the kind of slot on the side of the Voyager control panel where the card must be inserted.  (note, the card CAN be inserted and/or removed while the machine is powered on and while sewing – just don’t do this while a design is being transferred!)
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Controlling Voyager while Sewing

Common Operations While Sewing 

This illustrated document describes the common operations that can be performed while Voyager is in the middle of sewing a design.  
 Common sewing operations (PDF file)