Project: 2-Stage Applique done with HAPPY Embroidery Machines

In this project, we’ve sewn the 2-layer applique project pictured on the right. While not set up as a do-it-yourself project, this gives readers the idea that multi-layered appliques are just as easy as 1-layer appliques – the key difference being the need to pause the machine at more than 1 point during the sewout to place each piece.  With HAPPY embroidery machines, this can be done at each color section, as often as the operator chooses.


We used the following:

  • Large base green Sigma shape, small inner pink Sigma shape
  • Spray adhesive if needed.
  • Matching digitized file loaded in to the machine with colors set and STOP programmed at each running stitch.

1. Sew the first color section. Load the design and set your machine to STOP after sewing the first color.  Then, hoop a garment and press START.  The machine will sew the running stitch to outline the shape and wait for your to place the shape.

2. Place the first shape. Align the larger green shape with the mark stitch done in step 1.  If there is no adhesive backing, you can use spray-on adhesive like KK100.  Then, pres START.

3. The machine sews the tackdown stitch that permanently sews the edges of the shape onto the garment. 

4. The machine sews the satin borderto give the outer edge a nice, finished look.

5. The machine sews the mark stitch for the interior and stops.

6. Place the inner shape and press START.  The machine now continues to sew the tackdown stitch for the inner shape, then the satin stitch that covers it.

7. Finished!  AIn conclusion, the nice look of this 2-layer applique was simply done by telling the machine to stop at the  appropriate times to place each layer.