Project: These Boots were made for Walking

With HAPPY’s Long-style 1-point frame, you can take advantage of the deep cap sewing field of HAPPY’s large HCD 15-needle embroidery machines to sew on long, tubular shaped items such as stockings, boots, pant legs. The frame helps with items that are


[dropcap boxed=”accent”]1.[/dropcap] Pictured here is the complete long-style 1-point frame.  At left is the optional mounting guide, and in the upper center is the frame itself, which comes with a manual some extras.


[dropcap boxed=”accent”]2.[/dropcap]  In this project, we’ve embroidered on a pair of women’s riding boots – something normally impossible without this attachment.

project_boot_1point_03[dropcap boxed=”accent”]3.[/dropcap] To prepare your HAPPY 15-needle machine for the Long 1-point frame, set the machine up for caps with the cap sewing kit that came with it.


[dropcap boxed=”accent”]4.[/dropcap] The long 1-point frame attaches to the cap driver in the same way as the cap hoops do, using the 2 spring clamps at the 10 and 2 o’clock positions.


 Another view of the Long 1-point frame installed on the machine.


[dropcap boxed=”accent”]5.[/dropcap] To hoop an item on the frame, release the catch on the left side of the frame and swing the front clamp upwards.  Slide the item on, swing the clamp window back down and close the catch.  It’s that simple!


[dropcap boxed=”accent”]6.[/dropcap] Select the Long 1-point frame on the machine’s screen so you can check and adjust the sewing position.


[dropcap boxed=”accent”]7.[/dropcap] The Long 1-point frame allows an impressive 9 inch tall by 3 inch wide sewing field.  It allowed us to sew a design along the length of the boot front.


In action!  Here’s the machine sewing a nice pattern along the side of the boot.


In this photo, you can see how the boot is supported very easily as it’s sewn on the machine.


Finished product!  Notice the nice designs sewn along the length of the boot and along the top.