Our 3 Single-Head Models:

Happy 7-needle Journey embroidery machine

7-Needle Journey

The Journey offers big machine features in a compact size and entry level price: 7 colors, large sewing area, fast 1000spm speed. Its flat front design allows sewing on small and very large items.
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Happy 12-needle Voyager embroidery machine

12-Needle Voyager

HAPPY’s 12-needle embroidery machine shares the same compact platform as the Journey, but with more needles, and a stronger drive system that makes it the fastest machine in the industry under 100 lbs.
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Happy HCD2-1501 15-needle embroidery machine

15-Needle HCD2-1501

The 15-needle HCD2 is HAPPY’s full-sized, heavy-duty commercial single-head embroidery machine. With the largest sewing field, highest operating speeds and the most needles.
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