Journey 1-Head Embroidery Machine

Happy 7-needle Journey embroidery machine
Journey shown with optional cap attachment

The 7-needle Journey provides commercial embroidery machine features at an entry-level price: large, continuous sewing field (11.4″ x 11″), multi-needle convenience, true wide-field cap sewing ability, a laser alignment marker for precision placement, and compatibility with popular commercial attachments and hoop systems available today. Its intuitive touchscreen control panel is easy to learn and operate for embroiderers at all levels.  Journey truly empowers its owner with the ability to create professional-quality embroidery.

  • Intuitive color touch screen: on-board help, auto error correction, customizable front screen
  • Large continuous sewing field: 12in x 12in hoop
  • Fast: 1,000 stitches/min max speed, (cap mode 750spm max)
  • Compact: Small, stable 11″x 17″ base, 88lb total weight
  • Multiple USB ports accept most brands and sizes of USB flash memory sticks
  • Time-saving ability to load & set up additional jobs/designs while the machine is sewing
  • Built-in networking by USB or LAN connection with included software
  • Accessorize: Compatible with commercial clamps, hoops and other add-ons.
  • Open front sewing area allows sewing on very large items

Intuitive touch-screen control panel


• The 7″ touch screen has a vivid LCD interface
• Easy Design Placement- Shows hoop as related to the design
• Displays your key sewing information at a Glance
• Customize your screen the way you want
• Easily place the Applications that you use most on the main screen
• One touch frame out for easy Applique
• Easy Design trace
• Full Built-in Networking and USB ports
• Auto Error correction for the most common issues
• One touch Firmware updates
• Advanced Control over every aspect of your sewing experience-
• Speed
• Position
• Color Sequence/ Change
• And Much More!

happy embroidery machine network ports


HCH-701 Journey Embroidery Machine Specifications

Happy Journey Embroidery Machine diagram

Included with each Machine

  • Large square 12.5″ x 12.5″ hoop
  • Round 5.9″ hoop
  • HAPPYLINK / HAPPYLAN connection software
  • 100 stock designs, 12 built-in fonts
  • Pre-threaded sewing machine head
  • Operator’s manual, parts manual (on CD)
  • Operator’s toolkit

Machine Dimensions & Basic Specs

Machine width: (base) 10.5″, (w control panel) 27.1″
Machine weight: 88lbs assembled; 125lbs in box.
Machine height: 29″;  length/depth: 10.5″ / 29.5″
Boxed dimensions: 36″L x 28″h x 20″w *
   (* Dimensions do not include shipping palette)
Power Requirements: Standard 110v AC

Sewing Performance & Specs

Continuous sewing field:
– normal (tubular) – 285mm x 290mm;
– cap field 67mm x 290mm
Sewing Speed:
– normal (tubular) – 1000spm
– cap sewing speed 750spm

Design memory: 40 million stitches or 990 designs
Max Color changes per design: 250
Hoop library: HAPPY brand hoops + 15 custom hoops
Onboard Fonts: 12; Included Designs: 100

HAPPY Journey Machine Demo video

happy journey embroidery machine demo video

Easy Touchscreen Controls!

happy embrodiery machine touch screen controller

Embroidering on Ballcaps

happy journey cap embroidery

Customize designs directly onscreen!

customize designs onscreen

Get low on caps with Journey!

sewing low on ballcaps

Optional Clamp adds serious Capability!

happy voyager and hooptech clamp
Happy HCH-701 Journey Brochure

Journey Brochure

Click to view/print/download the brochure for
HAPPY HCH-701 Journey embroidery machine

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