Voyager 1-Head Embroidery Machine

Built-in networking

Auto error correction

Fast and compact

Many hoops available for any project

Voyager 1-Head Embroidery Machine Details

See What A HAPPY Can Do For You!

HAPPY’s 12-needle Voyager2 is designed to offer commercial machine features and capability in a compact package similar in design to HAPPY’s 7-needle Journey machine, offering a large, open-area sewing field from an 11″x17″ footprint.  But Voyager2 builds on that platform with heavier-duty drive system, motors and additional needles.  This translates to much higher speeds and greater production capability that’s been proven throughought the machine’s successful 12-year run. Voyager2 mates that formula with HAPPY’s new touchscreen interface to create a powerful, user-friendly, yet compact embroidery machine that will provide its owners with years of high-quality embroidery.
• Intuitive color touch screen: on-board help, auto error correction
• Fast: 1,000 stitches/min max speed, (cap mode 850spm max)
• Compact: Small, stable 11″x 17″ base, 88lb total weight
• Quiet, smooth operation: quietest of the entire product line
• USB flash drive port: accepts various brands, sizes of USB flash memory sticks
• Built-in networking: control multiple Happy machines from 1 PC
• Accessorize: Compatible with commercial clamps, hoops and other add-ons.
• Easy design positioning with built-in trace, visual hoop maps
• Large continuous sewing field eliminates design splitting or hoop turning.
• Built in Bobbin winder
• Brightly lit sewing area.
• Built in fonts and stock designs.
• Included Hoops: 12″ x 12″ square, 6″ round

Touch Screen Control

The color touch screen controller makes Voyager easy to learn and operate. The animated display works together with the design trace function for precise positioning on a garment. Additionally, all the most important day-to-day functions are at your fingertips without leaving the main screen. You can even customize the front screen apps to suit your workflow, just like a smartphone or tablet! Auto error correction and maintenance hints help you keep on sewing trouble-free!

Large Sewing Field

With the included 12″ x 12″ hoop, HAPPY’s 12-needle Voyager provides a distinct advantage over other machines in its class (under 100lbs) : the ability to sew large, deep designs designs in a single run. This makes it practical for common applications like full jacket back or shirt front designs. No need to split tall designs into several sections and multiple hoopings. With the Voyager machine, you can take on small AND large projects!


he 12-needle Voyager gives its owner amazing flexibility: in addition to the many types of HAPPY-brand hoops, the machine is designed to accept most 3rd-party add-ons that vastly increase the range of items the machine can decorate. A variety of clamps, magnetic hoops, fast-hoop type systems (and more!) lets embroiderers embellish items such as shoes, boots, car mats, purses, backpacks, pant legs, pockets…the list goes on.

Apps: Lettering & More

Create and customize straight from the machine itself! The onboard lettering app lets you pick from a variety of text styles, sizes and layouts.  Additionally, you can use the easy touch-and-drag “LAYOUT” application to merge it with any design, directly on-screen.  HAPPY machines make you more productive, right out of the box!

Open Front Design

Voyager’s open front design affords unique advantages to the owner: the low-profile sewing arm (shown above) lets the machine easily handle small, difficult-to-sew items such as sleeves, cuffs, socks, many shirt pockets, golf club covers – just to name a few. The machine’s excellent balance lets the sewing arm extend unsupported into empty space, unhindered by side-supporting legs that are found on other compact, multi-needle machines. This allows you to mount some rather large items for personalization. Click on the image above to see a few examples!

Precise Design Trace

Voyager offers easy design positioning with the built-in trace application, which lets you precisely place designs accurately in the hoop.

Single Head Machines have a 7″ touch screen panel that is packed with features!


• The 7″ touch screen has a vivid LCD interface
• Easy Design Placement- Shows hoop as related to the design
• Displays your key sewing information at a Glance
• Customize your screen the way you want
• Easily place the Applications that you use most on the main screen
• One touch frame out for easy Applique
• Easy Design trace
• Full Built-in Networking and USB ports
• Auto Error correction for the most common issues
• One touch Firmware updates
• Advanced Control over every aspect of your sewing experience-
• Speed
• Position
• Color Sequence/ Change
• And Much More!




HAPPY Voyager Embroidery Machine Specifications

Happy Journey Embroidery Machine diagram

Key Measurements

Machine width: (base) 10.5″, (with control panel) 27.1″
Machine weight: 88lbs assembled; 125lbs in box.
Machine height: 29″; Machine length/depth: 10.5″ / 29.5″
Boxed dimensions: 36″L x 28″h x 20″w *
* Dimensions do not include shipping palette

Sewing Performance

Continuous sewing field: normal (tubular) – 285mm x 290mm; cap field 67mm x 290mm
Sewing Speed: normal (tubular) – 1000spm; cap sewing speed 750spm
Power Requirements: Standard 110v AC


Design memory: 40 million stitches or 999 designs
Max Color changes per design: 250
Custom hoop memory: 15 hoops + HAPPY brand hoops

Included with each Machine

  • Large square 12.5″ x 12.5″ hoop
  • Round 5.9″ hoop
  • HAPPYLINK / HAPPYLAN connection software
  • 100 stock designs, 12 built-in fonts
  • Pre-threaded sewing machine head
  • Operator’s manual, parts manual (on CD)
  • Operator’s toolkit

Assembling the Optional Machine Stand

Unboxing your New Happy Embroidery Machine

Embroidery on Caps with Happy Voyager Machine

Happy Machine Touchscreen Demo

Happy Voyager 2 with Hooptech Clamp

Embroidery on Caps with Happy Voyager Machine

Happy Machine Touchscreen Demo

Happy Voyager Embroidery Machine Demo