Voyager 1-Head Embroidery Machine

Happy HCS3 single head embroidery machine

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HAPPY’s 12-needle Voyager3 is the most capable compact machine on the market.  Within its efficient 11″ x 17″ footprint lies the heart of a true commercial machine, with an oversized sewing motor, heavy-duty drive shafts, belts, and bearings that enable sustained, high-speed production while demonstrating extreme durability.  Its large tubular sewing field, true wide-field cap sewing ability and unrestricted sewing arm allow sewing flexibility unmatched in its size class. Happy’s HCS3 is the latest generation Voyager, bringing further capabilities with a redesigned sewing head that’s more robust, easier to thread, and has a built-in laser marker. Other improvements include an ultra-slim profile sewing arm, redesigned thread stand that accommodates more types of thread cones, increased memory capacity, and refined cut cycle for cleaner embroidery.

Happy Voyager Embroidery Machine Demo
(previous-generation model shown)

Feature Highlights

Happy 12-needle Voyager embroidery on ballcaps
True wide cap sewing field
Happy 12-needle voyager narrow cylinder arm
Ultra-slim profile sewing arm
happy 12-needle voyager laser pointer
Vertically mounted laser marker
Happy 12 needle voyager thread stand
Thread stand allows wide cones

HCS3-1201 Voyager Embroidery Machine Specifications

Happy Journey Embroidery Machine diagram

Included with each Machine

  • 2 x Large square 12.5″ x 12.5″ hoop
  • 2 x Round 5.9″ hoop
  • HAPPYLINK / HAPPYLAN connection software
  • 100 stock designs, 12 built-in fonts
  • Pre-threaded sewing machine head
  • Operator’s manual, parts manual (on flash media)
  • Operator’s toolkit

Key Measurements

Machine width: (base) 10.5″, (with control panel) 27.1″
Machine weight: 88lbs assembled; 125lbs in box.
Machine height: 29″; Machine length/depth: 10.5″ / 29.5″
Boxed dimensions: 36″L x 28″h x 20″w *
* Dimensions do not include shipping pallet

Sewing Performance

Continuous sewing field: normal (tubular) – 285mm x 290mm; cap field 67mm x 290mm
Sewing Speed: normal (tubular) – 1000spm; cap sewing speed 850spm
Power Requirements: Standard 110v AC


Design memory: 100 million stitches or 3,000 designs
Max Color changes per design: 250
Custom hoop memory: 15 hoops + HAPPY brand hoop

Intuitive Touch-Screen Control Paneltouch

• The 7″ touch screen has a vivid LCD interface
• Easy Design Placement- Shows design position and fit in selected hoop
• Displays key sewing information at a glance
• Customizable screen – put your favorite go-to apps on the front screen
• One touch frame out for easy Applique
• Easy design trace
• Full Built-in Networking and USB ports
• Auto Error correction for the most common issues
• One touch Firmware updates
• Automatic Thread break / bobbin runout detector
• Advanced Control over every aspect of your sewing experience-
• Speed
• Position
• Color Sequence/ Change
• And Much More!
happy embroidery machine network ports

Embroidery on Caps with Happy Voyager Machine

Happy Machine Touchscreen Demo

Happy Voyager 2 with Hooptech Clamp