Firmware Updates for Happy Single-Head Touchscreen Machines

Included here are updates to the onboard program of your Happy machine, known as firmware. Firmware updates can contain functional improvements, features and bug fixes and will be posted here. Information posted here applies only to Happy machines with the 7 inch touchscreen control panel.

Information about Firmware Updates, Plus How-To Instructions on Updating Firmware

Information About Firmware Updates including update instructions

Instructions for updating firmware in Maintenance Mode: Follow this procedure if your current machine firmware does not contain the “UPDATE” button in the Version screen, or if you are having any difficulty loading a firmware update through the normal way with the UPDATE button.

Firmware version 2.23 – Preliminary Release

New Features and Changes in Firmware 2.23: After some successful testing, we are releasing Firmware 2.23 for download and installation. The firmware is still being evaluated by us at Texmac, but for those who are interested in installing it and using the new features, the link is available below. Note that the previous firmware version 2.21 can be back-installed on your machine if at some point you choose not to continue with 2.23. Click on the PDF link to view the official release notes provided by HappyJapan.

Firmware 2.23 update for Happy embroidery machinesLink to download firmware Update 2.23 for HCH, HCS2, HCS3, HCD2, HCD3

Required additional step when installing this update on HCU-1501: After loading firmware 2.23 on an HCU-1501, the machine must be booted into maintenance mode (press/hold START/STOP button while powering on the machine, do not release button until the text-option maintenance screen appears).  In Maintenance mode, select Machine Setting and enable the thread tension sensor in the list of options.  From there, the machine can be operated normally.

Firmware version (2.21)

Firmware update for Happy embroidery machinesFirmware Update 2.21 for HCH, HCS2, HCD2, HCD3

Features/Changes in 2.21:Some of the features/changes included in this firmware release are:

  • Embroidery Area Margin setting (main menu -> OPTION -> machine icon -> scroll to last page on list) with possible values of 1, 2, or 3. Generally, this feature prevents embroidery action if design position and/or design size is beyond the embroiderable area of the selected hoop. The values of 1, 2, or 3 control the degree of strictness with which this feature is applied, with 1 providing the lowest degree of stritctness.
  • 2-step frame return
  • Restored functionality of parameter “Expand Cap Limit” over previous test firmware versions above 2.16

Firmware version (2.16)

Firmware update for Happy embroidery machinesFirmware Update 2.16 for HCH, HCS2 and HCD2

NOTE: Firmware 2.16 is the version previous to the current firmware. As long as your machine’s current firmware version is at least at 2.00, it is not necessary to load this firmware; you can load the current version 2.21 directly. The link to this firmware version 2.16 is only here for archive purposes.

Features/Changes in 2.16: Some of the features/changes included in this firmware release are:

  • Job Interrupt function that saves sewing position, hoop, and stitch number, allowing the operator to pause a job, load a different job with different hoop and position, run it, then return to the previous sewing job with 1 button.
  • Buttons that can advance the sewing position by +1o or -10 stitches.

Firmware 2.00:

If your Happy machine’s current firmware is older than 2.00, it must be updated to 2.00 first before updating it to the most current version.

Firmware update for Happy embroidery machinesFirmware Update 2.00 for HCH, HCS2 and HCD2