Model QHP-A08


Taping machine with Dual Lower Arms Designed for working with finished Apparel

Model QHP-A05

Welding and Taping Machine Suitable for working with Pre-Assembled Items

About Queenlight Seam Sealing Machines

Suitable for hot-melt seam seal tapes over a sewn or glued joint as required in the production of water proof products such as rainwear, sky-wear, protective clothing, golf wear, wet/dry suits, waders, tents, etc. Simple operation to seal seam for PU, PE, PVC, NEOPRENE, ACRYLIC, etc. on fabrics as well as non-woven such as TYVEC, TYPER, and REEMAY. Quality sealing for various new coated fabrics of all weights. Apparel fabrication with no-sew thermo-bonding on many non-woven and some coated fabrics.

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Click here for the QHP-A08
Link to a PDF Brochure on this model.

Click here for the QHP-A05
Link to a PDF Brochure on this model.



Hot Air Taping and Welding Machines


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