Error Codes for Happy 1-Head Touchscreen Machines

Common Error Codes

E-050 C-Point – machine has failed to return the main shaft position to its at-rest position (270 or 275 degrees) after it last stopped.  If AUTO does not clear this error, go to the back of the machine, remove the round black rubber cap, insert a 3mm Allen wrench into the socket of the main shaft dial and try to manually turn the dial clockwise until C point is at the pointer (usually 270 or 275 degrees depending on machine model).  While doing this, turn the shaft all the way around to make sure it can do so without any resistance.

E-018 Main Shaft – unusual mechanical resistance was encountered as the main shaft tried to turn.  Check for blockage/make sure main shaft can turn all the way around.

E-021, 022, 024 –
needle move, needle center.  The head failed to move enough left-right to completely to the current needle position.  It may be off even slightly.

E-020, 026
– needle detect, needle differ.  Machine is unsure or incorrect about which needle number is currently sitting over the needle plate.

E-051, 052
– C and L sensors may be dirty or out of alignment with the shaft.

E-060 X-Limit, E-061 Y-Limit –
Part of the design will sew outside of allowable limits.  Adjust design position or reduce size.

E-114 Id Over-
memory is full.  Delete some designs.

E-190 Cut blade –
the moving knife failed to swing completely shut after a cut cycle

E-193 Catcher –
this is caused by the catcher (upper thread hook) failing to fully retract upwards.  This can either be due to a catcher problem, or, if the thread is still not cut after a cut cycle, the catcher tried to grab the uncut thread, which is strong enough to prevent the catcher from retracting.  In the latter case, the machine had a problem cutting, which in turn caused the catcher error.

E-155 Takeup Cover
– 12-needle Voyager only.  Close the clear take-up lever door.