HCR3-1504 4-Head Embroidery Machine

The HAPPY HR3-1504 is our best-selling multi-head, for good reason: it packs a LOT of production power in a small space, putting 4 sewing heads in less than 8 feet of space!  Like all Happy multi-heads, the 1504 can be run shift after shift, virtually nonstop, for days on end.  HCR3 technology helps make the 1504 the strongest, most productive 4-head yet, with servo drive for faster, quieter sewing, and reinforced construction in many key areas for greater durability and more consistent quality on a wide variety of materials.


  • Servo drive system for quiet, higher speed operation
  • New carriage base design for smoother, steadier operation at all sewing speeds
  • User-friendly touch screen control with on-board help, auto-error correction
  • USB flash drive ports, LAN & USB PC connection ports, included software
  • 40 million stitch/999-design memory
  • Load & set up additional designs while the machine is sewing
  • Automatic color change / up to 250 changes/design, applique stop/frameout
  • Onboard edits:  flip/rotate, fine-scaling, offset from center, & more
  • Automatic production & error reporting
  • Detachable support table (shown installed in photo)

Multi-Head Machines have a 10″ touch screen panel that is packed with features!


• The 10″ touch screen has a vivid LCD interface
• Easy Design Placement- Shows hoop as related to the design
• Displays your key sewing information at a Glance
• Customize your screen the way you want
• Easily place the Applications that you use most on the main screen
• One touch frame out for easy Applique
• Easy Design trace
• Full Built-in Networking and USB ports
• Auto Error correction for the most common issues
• One touch Firmware updates
• Advanced Control over every aspect of your sewing experience-
• Speed
• position
• Color Sequence/ Change
• And Much More!
happy embroidery machine network ports


HAPPY HCR3- 1504 Machine Specifications


(new HCR embroidery machines purchased from Texmac)

  • Full set of tubular hoops, 2 of each size per sewing head:Full cap sewing equipment: quick-change sash and drivers, 2 cap frames per head.  Auto-design rotation on entering cap mode
    • 8 x 12cm round hoops
    • 8 x 15cm round hoops
    • 8 x 18cm round hoops
    • 8 x 32cm square hoops
  • Operator’s toolkit and manuals
  • Heavy duty casters and height-adjustable feet
  • Installation, setup, telephone and internet support from Texmac
  • 5-year limited warranty on all Happy HCR multi-head embroidery machines

 Machine Performance Specs

  • Configuration: 4 heads, 15 needles per head
  • Max speed (normal) 1,100spm; cap sewing: 1000spm.
  • Max needle distance: 360mm
  • Memory capacity: 999 designs / 40 million stitches, 250 color changes per design

  Embroidery Sewing Field Per Head

  • Max needle distance: 450mm x 360mm (17.7″ x 14.2″)
  • Tubular frame field: 320mm x 320mm (12.6″ x 12.6″)
  •  Ballcaps: 80mm x 350mm (3.1″ x 14.2″)

  Key Outer Dimensions

  •  Length: 2.28M (90 inches); Depth (D1 = 32.7 in with table removed) (D2=52 in; Height: 68.5in with thread rack, 59.5in without.)
  • Crated dimensions: 101″w x 44″d x 70″h
  •  Weight: 1826 lb crated; 1408 lb uncrated  (may be subject to correction)

  Power Requirements

  •  Power type: 220v Single-phase, frequency 50/60hz
  •  Usage: ~340w*Dimensions and other specifications may be subject to correction
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