HappyJapan HCS3 12-Needle Voyager Embroidery Machine Package Special

12-Needle Voyager PACKAGE DEAL !!!

The industry’s most powerful compact PLUS everything you need to get started for $11,973!

  • 12-Needle HCS3 Voyager Machine (about this machine)
  • MUCH more capable than its predecessor HCS2
  • Heavy duty machine stand
  • 4 hoop sizes, including 2 Mighty Hoops
  • Wide cap sewing kit (a $1500 value)
  • Full starter kit (40 thread colors + essential supplies)
  • SHIPPING INCLUDED (except AK and HI, call)

*Price does not include any applicable tax.

HappyJapan 12 needle Voyager embroidery machine package

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!  We are EXTENDING THIS PACKAGE DEAL due to its high popularity!  Send your inquiry HERE OR call us at 877-335-5206.

*Terms of this promotion may be subject to change without notice.  Offer good only while supplies last.

More Information About This Offer

This is an incredible offer!  Here’s a little more in-depth detail about the items included in the package:

  • 12-needle Voyager embroidery machine:  Brand new 12-needle embroidery machine model HCS3-1201 from HappyJapan with full warranty, support and training normally included with all new machine purchases from Texmac Inc.  Voyager is the most powerful compact (less than 100 lbs) machine available, with oversized motors and heavy duty drive system that allows sustained production at higher speeds and incredible durability.  Full information page on the 12-needle Voyager can be found HERE.
  • Heavy Duty Machine Stand: height-adjustable, wheeled stand with storage shelf.  More information on the stand can be found HERE.
  • 6 Hoops Included: 1ea. 10″ x 10″ square magnetic Mighty Hoop, 1 ea. 5.5″ x 5.5″ square magnetic Mighty Hoop, 2ea. 5.9″ round hoops, 2ea. 12″x12″ square hoop. Magnetic Mighty Hoops are an industry game-changer, drastically reducing the effort and time required to hoop each item, as well as reducing/eliminating hoop burn on garments. Powerful enough to hold even thicker items including most heavy winter jackets.
  • Wide Cap Kit – includes cap driver, cap stretcher (hooping station) and wide-field cap kit.  Enables you to take to take advantage of the machine’s 11.6″ wide continuous cap sewing field, enabling embroidery on the front and sides in 1 pass!  Details found HERE
  • Full Starter Kit: Includes 40 mini cones of quality Japanese Rapos polyester 40-weight thread + an assortment of tearaway & cutaway backing, water soluble topping, embroidery scissors, machine lubricant, bobbins & spare needles.  Details found HERE