Happy Embroidery Machine Reviews

TEXMAC Direct focuses on the overall ownership experience with Happy embroidery machines.  Our customers’ experience with their embroidery machines AFTER the sale is just important to us as making the sale in the first place!

Jim, from Charleston, MO, says:
“By far, TEXMAC is the best all around company, with the best staff, from sales, tech, teaching and parts. They all help you keep your machines running and help you to keep learning. I couldn’t be where I am at without all their support.”

Donna, from Vinings, Georgia, says:
“There just aren’t words to adequately describe how much I LOVE my Happy.  This multi-needle machine has been a complete game changer for me! It is absolutely the best purchase I’ve made. My 7-needle machine works like a dream… and works and works and works. I’ve had this machine for 3 years– and I never tire of singing its praises to anyone willing to listen. Or showing off pictures of my latest works of art.  While these machines are truly magnificent… it takes more than just nuts and bolts and needles to make the experience truly ‘happy’. And the Texmac Staff fully understands and embraces this fact. They take customer service to the highest level, making sure to provide top-notch training, one-on-one troubleshooting when needed and last (but definitely not least) establishing and maintaining a relationship with each Happy owner.  Thank you.  I never imagined I could be this ‘Happy’ with an embroidery machine.”

Yvonne, from Bellingham, WA, says:
“I love the attention and personal care that I get from Texmac. I have called my service tech several times and each time he has stopped to make the time to get my problem resolved. I am very happy that I purchased my Happy machines from Texmac !”

Teresa, from Autryville, NC, says:
“These machines are really put together well. I’ve had my Happy 1501 for 3 years and have never had a problem, and my 10-year-old Happy runs just as well as my newer one! The best part of my experience is that Texmac’s support and training has given me the ability to be completely self-sufficient with my Happy machines, so I’ve saved a lot in maintenance bills, have a lot less down time while I’ve put out lots of embroidery!”

Jean Marie, from Rosebud, TX says:
“The machine just runs and runs. I did 100 hats on my 15 in a single day. The quality of the stitching was amazing on each and every one. Happy machines are easy to work on, easy to maintain. You don’t have to rely on a tech for your maintenance; you can do it all yourself. They’re mad to run!”

Jo, from Collierville, TN, says:
“I made the right choice with my Happy. It took about 9 months, but I wanted to not have to look again! The education you provide has been outstanding. I enjoy coming to your classes so much! I do learn something new each time I hear you in class or in a webinar. I know that if I have an issue that I cannot solve, I can email you or the shop at Texmac and get help.”