The Hatch product line by Wilcom is powerful software for beginners, enthusiasts, hobbyists and commercial embroiderers alike.  Have a look at the 4 Hatch software levels and their feature list below to find the product that best suits your needs:

  • BASICS – embroidery software utility for viewing and managing designs: view, convert formats, manage/set colors, print.
  • CUSTOMIZER – all of the above plus the ability to create or add monogramming and lettering.  TrueType fonts, editing functions.
  • CREATOR – all of the above plus additional editing capabilities, auto-digitizing, integration with CorelDraw files.
  • DIGITIZER – all of the above plus a full suite of standard digitizing tools to allow you to create your own designs.
Browse/Open Designs
Convert Design Formats
Manage Design Files
Manage Colors
Change Colors
Optimize Stitch Settings
Customize Display
Save, Print, Capture Designs
Export to Machine Formats
Create Monograms x
Add Lettering x
Edit / Reshape Letters x
TrueType Fonts x
Professionally Digitized Fonts x ✔ (60) ✔ (60) ✔ (86)
Optimize Colors x x
Multi-hooping x x
Edit Designs x x
Resequence Objects / Colors x x
Auto Digitizing x x
Prepare Artwork x x
Link to CorelDraw* x x
Manual Digitizing x x x
Fill / Run Shapes x x x
Digitizing Tools x x x
Create Applique x x x