What is Section 179?

It’s a part of the federal  tax code that’s designed to help YOU invest in new equipment to start or run your business.

How does it Work?

1. You have to purchase our equipment before December 31, 2020!
2. Do your taxes (it’s that simple!)
Section 179 helps you save money by allowing you to depreciate the equipment you purchase during the 2020 tax year!

Here’s an Example-

Here’s a great example of an  $15,000.00 machine purchase and how that might affect your taxes.

That’s an $4,500 or 30% in effective savings!*

Don’t throw your money away this year. Take advantage of Section 179! But you must hurry! Supplies may be limited and you must take delivery before December 31st!

*This article is not tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor to determine the tax ramifications of acquiring equipment or software for your business.


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