REPORT Feature on HAPPY machines Boosts Operator Awareness

The built-in REPORT feature, found on all current-model HAPPY embroidery machines, provides operators with easy access to information about the performance about their machines.  The information helps owners, managers, and operators keep track of how productive their machines are – even breaking that information down by individual operator if desired – and tracks errors and faults to simplify maintenance.  As an added bonus, these reports can be transferred – with a single button-press – to a USB thumb drive so they can be saved or analyzed elsewhere (in a management office, or in the comfort of your home on a laptop – or even emailed to a technician to help in troubleshooting.
report feature icons
Accessed directly from the main menu, operators can press the REPORT button shown above, which opens to the button menu shown to its right, giving 4 categories of useful information.

  • General production information
  • Detailed production information
  • Thread break report
  • Error message report

General Production Report

The General Production report displays the machine’s productivity over the last 10 power-ons:
general production report
Note the easy, 1-button transfer to external thumb drive.

Detailed Production Report

The Detailed Production report provides even more information.

detailed production report

From left to right, the columns of info provide the following:

  • ID# and name of the operator for that period/record
  • ID# and name of the design that was run
  • Number of stitches in the design that was run
  • Total production quantity of the design that was run
  • Total run time to complete that design/design run
  • Total pause time between embroidering during that period
  • Percentage of time the machine was sewing during that period
  • Quantity of production run per hour
  • Number of thread breaks during that period

Thread Break Report
thread break report

Error Message Report

The Error Message report shows not only thread breaks but other error messages.  This can be very useful to read off to a technician by phone, or easily transferred to a USB stick to be e-mailed to support personnel for help in troubleshooting, as well as for tracking machine health internally.  The error report has 2 report modes:

In the first mode, error codes are listed in order of their occurrence:
error code report 1
In the second mode, error codes are tallied:
error code report, mode 2